The Pierre Tercier Mentoring Program for new Arbitrators

The Pierre Tercier Mentoring Program for New Arbitrators was launched in 2023 as a gift to the Professor by a group of his current and former students and colleagues on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

For most of his life, the Professor has been a mentor. He has guided and advised scores of young students and professionals through their educational and professional lives. His extensive experience as an arbitrator puts him in the best position to mentor new arbitrators who are just setting out in their own arbitration careers.
The idea behind the Pierre Tercier Mentoring Program for New Arbitrators is to provide arbitrators, who are setting out in their career as arbitrators, the opportunity to engage with more experienced arbitrators on any difficulties they may be facing in the procedural conduct of their own cases.
The program will include an executive committee comprised of the Professor and 5 other highly regarded arbitration practitioners of his choice.

The following persons have kindly accepted to be part of the executive committee:

• Olivier Caprasse,
• Ulrike Gantenberg,
• Jan Kleinheisterkamp,
• Eduardo Silva Romero,
• Deva Villanúa.​

The Program will start with a series of webinars on possible issues encountered by new arbitrators, conducted by the Professor and the executive committee. Eventually, the aim of the program is to create a helpdesk for young arbitrators to which they can turn to whenever they face a procedural issue and would like to seek guidance from a more experienced arbitrator. 

For more details, please contact the members of the organisation committee:

• Dilber Devitre (
• Trisha Mitra (
• Reka Papp (